Great importance has been attached to health. Some people are trying to obtain health through artificial products. Actually food is the best choice. Healthy food can bring us healthy life. Here I would like to introduce you some kinds of healthy food that improves your body gradually.

The first food is orange. Orange is well received by most of people. It has a fresh taste. People hold the view that eating orange often can prevent you from catching a cold. It is because that there is a large amount of vitamin C in it. Scientists tell us that a medium orange can provide people with adequate vitamin C, which is necessary for an adult a day. Orange is capable of resisting bacteria. Orange has the function of eliminating harmful radicals and restraining the growth of cancer cells. Of all kinds of fruit, orange is the best source of antioxidants, including more than 60 kinds of flavones and 17 types of carotenoids. Flavones are good at curing inflammation and controlling cruor, while carotenoids are powerful antioxidants for resisting cancer. But it should be kept in mind that orange juice does not equal with orange. The function of vitamins, fibers and minerals in an orange is much worse than that of the orange juice, for the processing procedure destroys the nutrition more or less.

The second is chocolate. Chocolate can stimulate the nerves and make people happy. Moreover, it can protect our teeth instead of damaging them. It is because that chocolate will slow down the procedure of demineralizing, which usually results in decayed teeth.

The third food is spinach. We can easily find a large amount of iron in this vegetable. Iron is the material of producing blood, so eating spinach frequently is good for women. Those who eat spinach often have healthy and elastic skin. It also helps people keep away from anemia. It has other functions, too.Vitamin K, which is rare in many types of vegetables, is rich in spinach. The luster of hair and skin should owe to this vitamin. Moreover, spinach can protect our eyes. As scientists tell us, lacking vitamin A may lead to the dryness of eyes. The carotene in spinach will be converted into the crucial vitamin A once it has entered and been absorbed by the human body. People who work on computers and those who watch TV a lot are advised to eat this vegetable often. The last key point about spinach is the folic acid in it. This acid is very essential for pregnant women. Adequate folic acid during the pregnancy not only avoids the disfigurement of babies, but also lowers the risk of such diseases as leukemia and inborn heart disease.

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